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Join the MyGuardianDoc™ Affiliate Program and make a meaningful impact! Recognize the importance of another set of medically trained eyes, as medicine is subjective and varies based on individual perspectives and experiences. Provide access to compassionate medical guidance, urgent care, and much more at a cost everyone can afford!

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As an Affiliate

Our program enables you to support healthcare equity by ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background, can access virtual medical guidance and top-notch urgent and primary care.

Promote MyGuardianDoc™ and earn generous recurring commissions while helping individuals access safe, equitable, and high-quality medical care. With our platform, individuals can virtually connect with medical doctors, receive medical guidance, and access urgent and primary care services from anywhere. Your efforts as an affiliate directly contribute to making this vision a reality..

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to expand our support to the millions who will be impacted by job obsolescence caused by AI. You can provide financial stability and a path forward for these individuals. As a MyGuardianDoc™ affiliate, you uplift and empower them by offering an alternative route to economic security.

As an affiliate, you play a vital role in closing the healthcare accessibility gap. Through the innovative MyGuardianDoc™ platform, we revolutionize medical care, making it affordable and barrier-free. By joining our movement, you contribute to this mission and may also create a lucrative side hustle for yourself.


What Doctors Say About Us

Doctor’s recommend subscribing to MyGuardianDoc™ whether you are insured, uninsured or you like your doctor, another set of medically trained eyes is smart. Most doctors support and welcome our MyGuardianDoc™ services because we support their diagnosis, treatment protocol and provide greater confidence to the patient and doctor.

Dr.   Monique Gary
Dr. Monique GaryDO, FACS, FSSO
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“Your passion to challenge, and really redefine the role of the physician in providing health equity is both evident and infectious. Everyone needs MyGuardianDoc ™ . ”
Dr.  Elizabeth Owings
Dr. Elizabeth Owings (MD)
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“Mr. Scott has found a way to bring the most current and up - to - date medical care into the home of everyone, at an affordable price.”

“Mr. Scott is helping bring the doctor into the home with the click of a mouse!”
Dr.  Evelyn Lewis
Dr. Evelyn Lewis(MD)
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“ MyGuardianDoc ™ is the best thing since sliced bread. ”

“ The need for someone to be looking over and being readily available and able to provide some help is indeed what many many people need these days.”

At MyGuardianDoc™ Your Needs Are Our Priority

Compassionate care

Our team is driven by a passion for helping people. Expect personalized, compassionate care that goes beyond just medical advice.

Affordable Medication

We provide excellence in healthcare without the hefty price tag, making quality medical services accessible to all.

Virtual Care

Embrace the future of healthcare with our innovative approach. We leverage technology to make healthcare more accessible and user-friendly.

Join MyGuardianDoc™ Affiliate Program

Seize this opportunity to make a difference and secure your own financial future. Join the MyGuardianDoc™ Affiliate Program today and be part of a movement that ensures healthcare access and supports those in need. Together, we bridge healthcare gaps, empower AI job obsolescence victims, and create a more inclusive and equitable world.

Take the first step towards a brighter future. Join the MyGuardianDoc™ Affiliate Program now and be that catalyst for change in healthcare accessibility and equity, as well as economic resilience and empowerment.

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