Author name: MyGuardianDoc™

MyGuardianDoc™ is an exclusive subscription-based program that offers virtual medical guidance and healthcare services. This unique service provides access to a dedicated medical doctor who is always available to assist you and all members of your household anytime and anywhere.


Yes, Grandma Can Use myguardiandoc

If you presently use myguardiandoc to meet your healthcare needs, or if you are wondering about how it can do so, one question you might ask is, “Can myguardiandoc also work for my loved ones, in particular my elderly parents or grandparents? Or will it be too complicated for them to use?”


Where Can I Use myguardiandoc?

“Location, location, location.” Those three words of advice for people starting a restaurant can be just as applicable to you as a consumer of healthcare services, but with a twist: unlike with a restaurant, if your doctor or hospital is located somewhere inconvenient to you, then you are the one who suffers.

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