Three Great Reasons to Use myguardiandoc as Your HealthCare Provider

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MyGuardianDoc™ is an exclusive subscription-based program that offers virtual medical guidance and healthcare services. This unique service provides access to a dedicated medical doctor who is always available to assist you and all members of your household anytime and anywhere.

If you haven’t used telemedicine before, or if your experience with telehealth is limited. You might wonder what advantages an online doctor visit offers you that are big enough to make you choose a virtual visit before traveling to the doctor. Online doctor visits do exist: even before the coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency. Telemedicine services like those myguardiandoc provide were fast becoming more and more popular. Here are three of the main reasons you might want to consider using telemedicine the next time you need to see a doctor.


Making you go to the doctor is convenient for the doctor, but what about you? The average wait time for a scheduled doctor’s appointment can be more than two weeks. If you need to reschedule your doctor’s visit, that can add weeks more. Travel to the doctor’s office can be time-consuming, costly, and even unsafe in some places. Then there is the waiting room experience when you arrive at the doctor’s office. Why not connect with your doctor from the comfort and security of your home with myguardiandoc. If you have a primary care doctor, it is often easier to schedule a virtual consultation faster than it would be for an in-person visit. If you have a minor matter that does not require your primary care physician, or if you need urgent care, myguardiandoc can have you speaking with a licensed, board-certified physician in minutes. There’s no way a brick and mortar healthcare facility can deliver this kind of responsive healthcare to you.


Despite efforts at healthcare reform, many Americans today do not have healthcare insurance. Those that do have health insurance pay high deductibles before receiving any healthcare benefits. The high cost of healthcare forces many people who could benefit from seeing a doctor to not seek treatment, often with negative yet avoidable health consequences. Does this sound familiar in your experience? Or that of someone you know? myguardiandoc telemedicine puts a virtual hospital at your disposal, at a cost that doesn’t put it out of reach to you. If you have health insurance, it will cover many of the medical services we deliver. But even if you don’t have a health plan, you can still afford to see a doctor if you use our virtual healthcare delivery.

Risk Management

Consulting with your physician from home is safer than going to see your doctor in person. You avoid the risk of travel accidents. You don’t have to take a chance of catching a cold, or the flu, or pink eye, or some other contagious infection in a waiting room full of sick people in the doctor’s office. Your privacy is assured, and there is no safer or more comfortable exam room than your home. Why not let myguardiandoc bring the doctor to you? Avoid the trouble that can come from having to leave the safety and security of where you are.