Where Can I Use myguardiandoc?

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MyGuardianDoc™ is an exclusive subscription-based program that offers virtual medical guidance and healthcare services. This unique service provides access to a dedicated medical doctor who is always available to assist you and all members of your household anytime and anywhere.

“Location, location, location.” Those three words of advice for people starting a restaurant can be just as applicable to you as a consumer of healthcare services. But with a twist: unlike with a restaurant, if your doctor or hospital is located somewhere inconvenient to you, then you are the one who suffers. That doesn’t have to be the case with your healthcare, though. Not if you have an account with myguardiandoc. Because with myguardiandoc, if you can connect to the Internet, you can access a virtual hospital wherever you are.

The Bad Old Days: Your Doctor’s Location Matters, Not Yours

Before myguardiandoc, you had few choices when it came to how you received your healthcare. You could make a doctor’s appointment well in advance to make the trek to your doctor. Depending on what the doctor says, you might want a second opinion, which means another journey to the doctor’s office on another day. Or your doctor might want to consult with a specialist in diagnosing your condition or deciding what to do next. More trips to more doctors and specialists. Sometimes to offices far away. You can spend a lot of your time, money, and energy devoted to your healthcare or that of a loved one just getting there and back to medical appointments. Because in the bad old days, the days of the doctor’s house call are over. Or are they?

A House Call in Your Pocket: The myguardiandoc Way to Deliver Healthcare

The old take-a-number method of making you come to the doctor’s office, then waiting for your turn in a crowded waiting area full of people who themselves may be ill, isn’t dominant because it’s the best. It’s not. It only looks that way because until recently, it was the only choice available. myguardiandoc is changing that, to benefit you, the patient. When you use your phone, tablet, or computer to connect online to myguardiandoc, you are reversing the old method: now the doctor comes to you, online — virtually. And if need be, the doctor won’t come to you alone. myguardiandoc makes available to you a network of physicians and medical specialists. This allows our licensed and board-certified doctors to work together, often in real-time, virtually in the same room with you. And that room can be any room — anywhere. A bedroom, a hotel room in another state, a rest area along a stretch of highway. If it’s a safe location with a data connection, the doctor is always “In” with myguardiandoc.

Leave the Doctor’s Office Behind – Create a myguardiandoc Account Today

With myguardiandoc, it’s your location that matters, not the doctors. Find out more about how we can bring our virtual hospital to you and save you travel time, lost hours in waiting rooms, potential exposure to other diseases, and money, too. Need to see a doctor or specialist? Then hang up the car keys and pick up your phone. It’s all possible with a myguardiandoc account.