Yes, Grandma Can Use myguardiandoc

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MyGuardianDoc™ is an exclusive subscription-based program that offers virtual medical guidance and healthcare services. This unique service provides access to a dedicated medical doctor who is always available to assist you and all members of your household anytime and anywhere.

If you presently use myguardiandoc to meet your healthcare needs, or if you are wondering about how it can do so, one question you might ask is, “Can myguardiandoc also work for my loved ones, in particular my elderly parents or grandparents? Or will it be too complicated for them to use?”

Is the fear of technology a showstopper for elderly telemedicine patients?

The popular conception of the befuddled elderly person trying to cope with an electronic device that he or she is unfamiliar with may be less a matter of common knowledge than a stereotype. Although it is true that some older Americans will have trouble keeping up with the rapid development of consumer technology – like smartphones, computers, and other “intelligent devices” – evidence suggests that once their initial reservations about using telemedicine can be overcome, many elderly people not only have a positive patient experience but also are likely to quickly get used to it.

What are the advantages of myguardiandoc telemedicine for elderly individuals?

Without telemedicine patient services like the virtual hospital that myguardiandoc provides, elderly patients must travel more often to see their doctors and other health care specialists. Any time you move an elderly person, you expose that individual to multiple risks. Some of these risks may be inconveniences, but others can be life-threatening:

  • Mobility issues: Decreasing mobility is one of the earmarks of aging. If you have had to care for an older family member then you understand not only how inconvenient and uncomfortable these trips can be, particularly for people with physical disabilities or chronic pain conditions.
  • Accidents: Forcing the elderly to move to their health care is potentially dangerous: for example, a simple trip and fall on the way to or from the doctor’s office could itself result in serious injuries, like a broken leg, arm, or hip, followed by the slow healing and potentially serious complications these injuries often lead to.
  • Exposure to diseases: Finally, even if grandpa makes it intact to the waiting area, now he surrounded by people who could have contagious diseases like the flu or the coronavirus which can be fatal for the elderly.

myguardiandoc reduces all of these risks for your elderly loved ones. It effectively reintroduces the once antiquated practice of the doctor’s house call visit. An added bonus to this enhanced safety is that myguardiandoc is easy to use. For example, according to a Better Medicare Alliance 2020 survey of senior citizens of the ones who have tried using telemedicine during the coronavirus pandemic, nine of 10 had a favorable experience with it and four of five would use it again.

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